Server updated!

Game was updated!

Debenter, UrkMountain, Nars - Excellent Bloodangel Sets;
Ferea - Excellent Darkangel Sets;
Nixie Lake, DeepDungeon(1-5) - Excellent Holyangel Sets;
Swamp of Darkness - Excellent Awakening Sets;
Kubera Mine (1-5) - Excellent Blue Eye Sets.


Posted 07 / 08 / 2019

Bonus for newbies!

Bonus for newcomers!

All new registered members will receive free VIP for 3 days.
Good opportunity to fast grow up your character!

Posted 04 / 08 / 2019

Server X500 Opened!

Dear players, server X500 successfully opened, welcome all!

Don't forget: 1st reset is from 350 level, 2nd from 360 level, 3rd from 370 level and etc.

Upcoming Events:
1 August 17:00 - Enable Credits <> W Coins exchange.
5 August 00:01 - Guild Registration for Castle Siege.
Don't forget to make bonus Facebook event and get 3 days VIP + 300 Credits.

Update: Vote Reward activated!

Posted 04 / 08 / 2019

ZOlik Season 14 X500 Grand Opening 31 July!

Welcome to ZOlik Season 14 Episode 1 server.

Registration opened, register here.
Download our s14 game client.
Vote for server to help bring more players.

Server Opening July 31.
17:00 Server Time ; 11:00 Argentina (UTC-3) ; 15:00 Poland (UTC+1) ; 21.00 Vietnam (UTC+7) ; 22.00 Philippines (UTC+8).

Server based on full Season 14 Episode 1 emulator with our custom settings and features. All game content are in a good condition, work perfect without any serious problems. Most of the Boss monsters has a 2 types of reward, 1st is a based - items or boxes, 2nd is additional - Ruud or W Coins. This means that player who killed Boss will got items + Ruud or W Coins, depends on Boss type. Most of the game Events are every 1 hour, most of the Boss monsters respawns every 3 ~ 6 hours. Our team will be able to fix or change any incorrect thing that can be found or reported by players. We appreciate for every player who choose our servers!

Exchange W Coins function will be available from 1 August 17:00 Server Time (24H after Opening).

Basic Info:
Version: Season 14
Experience: X500.
Maximum Level: 1070 (400 normal + 670 Master).
No Item Shop on website.
Soul + Luck 95%, Without Luck 70%.
Spots: All maps (press TAB to see on minimap).
Resets: 400lvl * 2kk Zen, stats burns, 500 free stats. Reset reward: 10 W Coins.
Grand Resets: from 100 resets, stats burns, bonus 3000 W Coins, 10k free stats.
Balanced PvP/PvM.
Easy Start: 1st reset from 350lvl, 2nd reset from 360lvl, 3rd reset 370lvl and etc.
Max connections per computer: 3.
Non-PvP maps: Aida (1-2), Karutan (1-2), Arena.
Monsters and Boss power adjusted.
Free Goblin Points: get 2 GP for 1 minute online.

Share Event:
Go to ZOlik Facebook page (or click here).
Share pinned post on your timeline, tag 3 friends and post your login, make it public.
You will receive 3 days VIP and 300 Credits!

Posted 28 / 07 / 2019

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